Patient Reviews


 I thank God everyday that He led me to Dr. Rosen. Since starting his program six weeks ago my life has completely turned around. In addition to my dependance on pain medicines, I also suffer from major depression and have been on several antidepressants; none of which have worked. I must admit, when Dr. Rosen suggested I start Elivil I was a bit skeptical. I thought if the newer medication for depression isn’t working surely the older ones won’t be any better. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In addition to it helping me sleep it ha brought me out of this major depressive episode I have been in for the past several years. I’m the person I used to be: happy, outgoing, positive. I can see the light again. I pop right out of bed in the morning and do not have to drag myself around just to get through the day. No more looking forward to the evening just so I can go to sleep and escape that horrible thing called life. My family can’t believe the drastic change in me. They tell me the old Lisa is back. Dr. Rosen’s help and guidance has brought me back from a deep dark place that I don’t plan on ever visiting again. I want you to know that I really do consider Dr. Rosen my saving grace. When I say Dr. Rosen I am including his entire staff as well. They all have been so kind, sympathetic, compassionate, encouraging, and always make me feel valuable. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me rejoin the land of the living and for giving me my life back. Eternally grateful, -L.L.


 I’ve been Dr. Rosen’s patient for over 5 years and he has transformed my health significantly. I suffered from intense inflammation from shoulder calcification as well as horrific menopausal distress that has completely disappeared after Dr. Rosen’s accurate diagnosis. Mesotherapy treatment cured my inflammation along with the correct supplement therapy. I now have my health back. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Rosen and Staff! -Gale